Your Dreams Are Sending You Messages In Real Life Find Out What They Mean

A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Dreams can occur anytime during sleep. But most vivid dreams occur during deep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, when the brain is most active. Some experts say we dream at least four to six times per night.

Here’s a list of common dreams and their interpretation

This is one of the most common dreams ever. It signifies that you’re threatened in real life. It also means that you’re running away from it from fear. These problems vary from anything that is external and, of course, the internal battles of your mind.

If you dream a box then your mind is telling you about concealment. You are maybe afraid that someone is hiding something from you or you have a secret.
If the box is opened this means that you should reveal your secret.
If you look inside the box and there is nothing in it, it means that you are disappointed by someone or something.

Many people dream that they are falling. This may mean that you are losing control over your life.
You may also be afraid of failure or you feel the consequences of some wrong choice you have made previously.
If you often dream that you are falling, then you must fight anxiety so try doing meditation and yoga.

Cats are very powerful symbol. If you dream a cat then it means that you need to get in touch with you feminine side. This dream also wants to tell you that you need to get deeper relationship with woman. The powerful cat symbol is linked with femininity. You need to be more confident and you may need spiritual awakening.

Dreaming ants means that you have a strong relationship with the people you love. This dream means that you need to solve the problem before it becomes bigger.
There are people around you who put pressure on you and want to cause problems.

This dream is linked with some physical relationship you have and you need to improve. It may also mean that you need to work more on your sexuality.Hair is also a symbol of a desire to connect with other people. You want to be completely sure about the relation to others- at work and at home.
But if you dream about having a long hair, then it means that you want to be free.

It is a mirror of your subconscious mind. The quality of water often describes the situation of your emotions. Crystal clear, clean, adulterated, calm mostly provides strong insights about the state of your feelings

Flying in a dream, and how effectively or poorly it’s done, relates to how much control we feel we have in our lives, and whether we are confident and able to achieve our goals. High flying is one of the most euphoric dreams imaginable, while flying or “skimming” low to the ground or being caught in obstacles like power lines can be immensely frustrating.

It can likewise be a piece of the pursuing dream. You’re running or trying to run, yet either your legs won’t move or you just aren’t going any place – as though you are on a treadmill. According to researchers, this fantasy implies, you have excess on your plate. You’re attempting to do too many things too soon and can’t make up for the lost time.

Dreaming about roads represents your direction in life. Try to remember where you were heading in your dreams, it can tell a lot about your current path. These dream symbols show you the right direction.

You keep worrying about something that keeps you stuck in a rut. Dreaming mud means it is time for you to get going.

Dreaming about jewelry symbolizes status and self-worth or personal value. It also represents your relationship with spiritual and psychological riches.

Dreams about showing up somewhere naked is common to people who are facing a new challenge in their life. If someone else appears naked in your dreams that symbolize an openly expressed aspect of that person.

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