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Get Slim In Just 1 Week

Vegetables and fish are perfect for a quick removal of excess weight. Sweets are prohibited, and the menu has a lot of fish and milk products, and fruits as snacks.

This diet is for seven days, but it can be repeated several times if necessary. You will lose 3 – 4 kilograms in the first week.
The diet is based on fish, fresh or canned, and fresh vegetables and fruits. This diet contains a lot of milk products, especially yogurt and fruit yogurt, and they have a role in improving the metabolism and accelerating fat loss.

Also, the probiotic effect of yogurt is well known, so it will improve the digestion and cleanse the body from toxins and bad substances accumulated from greasy, heavy and sweet food.

Otherwise, sweets are strictly prohibited during the seven-day diet.

You can eat all kinds of fruits between meals, except for bananas.

Example for a menu

Breakfast: Fruit Salad
Lunch: canned fish, salad from fresh cucumbers seasoned with a little olive oil, apple cider vinegar and dill.
Dinner: small potatoes baked in an oven and beetroot salad (fresh or from a jar)

Breakfast: melba toast and grapefruit
Lunch: boiled chicken breast and green salad seasoned with oil and vinegar
Dinner: green salad and fruit yogurt

Breakfast: an apple, a glass of milk or yogurt
Lunch: green beans salad
Dinner: hard-boiled egg and a salad with celery, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes

Breakfast: an orange or two tangerines
Lunch: one slice of diet bread, cheese, spicy basil, parsley and celery
Dinner: grilled chicken and rice salad with peppers and tomatoes, seasoned to taste

Breakfast: a bowl of cereal (with yogurt)
Lunch: 200 g beef and a salad with green beans
Dinner: grilled lean fish and boiled potatoes, seasoned with parsley

Breakfast: a slice of cheese, tomato, one melba toast
Lunch: baked potatoes with a little butter and a salad with grated carrots with lemon juice
Dinner: beef salad with boiled potatoes and an onion

Breakfast: a bowl of oat cereal with milk or yogurt
Lunch: Tomato salad and a slice of cottage cheese
Dinner: boiled chicken with carrots, onions and peas

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