VIRAL: Street Kid Begs For Money From The Drivers Of Cars Stopped In Traffic But When He Looks Inside He Met A Woman Who Makes Him Cry

John Thuo is a street kid living on the streets in Nairobi, Kenya who are oftentimes looked down upon, seen as dirty beggars and pick pockets.

One day, the street kid approaches car to beg for money, but when he looks inside, he saw a woman who makes him cry.

This woman is Glady’s Kamande, 32, a woman who suffered with collapsed lungs causing shortness of breath. She constantly rely on an oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinders and a generator to breathe, carrying the supplies with her at all times.

The woman also has gone through 12 surgeries, one surgery ruptured her optical nerve causing her to go blind.

The street kid was curious and asked the woman what all of her gadgets were for. As Glady’s explained her situation, John began to cry, realizing that as difficult as his life on the street maybe, the woman had it so much worse than him.

John took the woman’s hand and prayed that God would provide her all she needed for treatment and reached into his pocket and gave her what little money he has.

Struck by the street kid’s emotion, a passerby took the above photo and shared the story on social media. A post has now gone viral.

Good samaritan have raised over 3 million shillings for the woman since the story spread. The funds cover nearly half of the 7 million shillings she needs to receive treatment in India.

The woman has gotten John off the street, and they are talking about getting John back in school. The street kid is happy to attend. The woman now considers his new mother.


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